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City Sightseeing Bus Tour Ticket

24hours Shanghai City Sightseeing Bus Tour Ticket
Product Code:DDP-01-1
Price: from CNY27

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Spring's sightseeing bus will enhance your experience of the city by offering a fresh perspective of its landscape and sights. Experience the city's past and present by double-decker city sightseeing bus(Line 1) and single-decker (Line 2) bus from the buzzing commercial centre to old-fashioned Shikumen!
Our City Sightseeing Tour Bus offers you:
Double-decker buses to fully take in the charm of Shanghai (Red Line);
A dazzling 360-degree view of world-famous scenery;
Freedom to board or get off at any stop of your choice;
Personal on-board digital audio guides in 8 languages.

Spring’s sightseeing bus is fully endorsed by the Shanghai Tourism Bureau. The city sightseeing bus follows two routes: Line 1 through Pudong, and Line 2 through Puxi, with a total of 14 stops along the way. The bus links famous city attractions such as People's Square, the Bund, Town God's Temple, Huaihai Road and the Lujiazui Financial District. The city sightseeing bus operates 365 days a year with a system that allows passengers to embark and disembark as they please, at any number of shopping, entertainment or sightseeing locations.

The 24 hour ticket is valid for one person (with the option of an accompanying child under 1.4 metres in height), and includes one pair of earphones. The GPS-triggered audio tour comes with 8 language options: Chinese, English, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese.

Operation Periods:
Peak Season: May 1st to Oct 31st      
Puxi: 09:00-20:30. Pudong: 09:00-19:30  Puxi: every 20 mins. Pudong: every 30mins
Low Season: Nov. 1st to April 30 th          Puxi: every 30mins. Pudong: every 30mins
Puxi: 09:00-18:00.  Pudong:09:00-17:30

Designated boarding point for redeeming your voucher is at the tour bus stop in Lujiazui: Jia No.1416 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong,Shanghai. (Between Oriental TV tower and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium)

Tour Route
Line 1 (Red Line): 14 Stops
No. 1  Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (No.100 People's Avenue close to Mid Xizang Rd.)
No. 2  Shanghai Art Museum (Temporary Stop now) (No.325 West Nanjing Rd. close to North Huangpi Rd.)
No. 3  Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Western stretch ) (Opposite to No.68 West Nanjing Rd.)
No. 4  Century Square (The corner of Nanjing Rd.and Mid Zhejiang Rd. Wing On Department Store)
No. 5  Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street (Eastern stretch) (Mid Henan Rd. Close to Metro line10 East Nanjing Rd.Station No.7 Exit)
No. 6  The Bund - Garden Bridge of Shanghai (No.24 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd.)
No. 7  Customs House on the Bund (No.13 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd.)
No. 8  Huangpu River Cruise Dock Location (Xinkaihe Rd. Close to East Zhongshan No.2 Rd.)
No.9  Shanghai Old Street (No.1 Renmin Rd Tonghanchuntang)
No. 10  City God Temple and Yu Yuan Garden (No.269 Mid Fangbang Rd.)
No. 11  Former Site Of the Korean Provisional Government (Opposite to No.322 Madang Rd.)
No. 12  The Site of the First National Congresss of the Communist Party of China. Xin Tian Di (South Huangpi Rd.close to the Rolex in Hubin Rd.)
No. 13  Huai Road (Middle ) Shopping Street (No.158 Mid Huaihai Rd.close to Huaihai Park.)
No. 14  Shanghai Museum & Shanghai Concert Hall (Pu'an Rd.close to East Yan'an Rd.)
No. 1  Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

LINE 2 (Green Line) : 4 Stops
No. 1 Shanghai Museum (Pu'an Rd.close to East Yan'an Rd.)
No. 2 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (No.100 People's Aveneu close to Mid Xizang Rd.)
No.3  Oriental Pearl TV Tower Station (Close to No.1416 Lujiazui loop Rd.)
No.4  Jin Mao Tower (Garden Stonebridge Rd. Huanyuanshiqiao Rd. Opposite to Gate 4 Jinmao Tower.
No. 1  Shanghai Museum (Pu'an Rd.close to East Yan'an Rd.)

Interchange of Line 1 and Line 2
Line 1: No. 1 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
    No. 14 Shanghai Museum
Line 2: No. 1 Shanghai Museum
    No. 2 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Ticket Date Ticket Time Ticket Price
10/05/2011 - 31/12/2020 N/A 24-hour ticket CNY27

1. Once payment has been cleared, you will get a confirmation email, which indicates your order details and how to get the ticket. If the online payment has not been cleared, your booking will be automatically cancelled.
2. We offer two ways of tickets delivery once payment successful:
1) Redeem the tickets with voucher. Please note following notice if you choose voucher
a. Please print the Spring Tour confirmation voucher and take it to our designated boarding points in order to redeem your City sightseeing Bus Tour ticket with our tour ticket seller. Proof of identity is required, so please bring either a passport or driver's license.
b. Once you make the order you are required to finalize the date of redeem the bus tour tickets. Modifications for this tour must be made at least 3 working days prior to the scheduled start of the activity. Each changing of one order for the date will charge your RMB10.